AR book, the fascinating and useful gift

Are you looking for a gift that is not only fun, but also educational? You are in the right place! You can surprise your loved ones with our augmented reality books.

What makes the AR book a special gift?

AR content is very spectecular, so it easily captures the attention of the youth of today and impresses adults, as well. The reason is simple: these educational books cover topics that are useful in everyday life and are presented in a unique way.

In addition to traditional figures and descriptions, 2- and 3-dimensional augmented reality content explains the information. These can be displayed via a free, downloadable mobile application, based on the special images in the printed book. The use of the gift thus means no additional cost in addition to the purchase of the book.

Who is this gift for?

Our book series has something interesting for all ages. Our nonfiction publications cover several areas of natural science for the older ones, while the younger ones can get to know more species in our animal books. Additionally, we also offer a book for chess fans!

The specific age recommendation can be found on the product page of the books in the "Specifications" section.

Written by our customers

“I bought it as a gift for my goddaughter, but I had to try it out before giving it to her. I really like it! It is spectacular, understandable and a pleasure to study with! Easy to use.“
“Very good books. I ordered from AR Books Library for the second time, because my younger brother's son liked it so much, as well, that I bought it for him, too. Those 3D videos are great. The web shop is also very reasonable. We even agreed which courier service would deliver it.“
“It's spectacular, I tried it while my child was at school. I`m impressed indeed, it`s simply great. I bought the Human body because he is interested in this topic. But I will also order the rest. Thank you very much. It will be a nice gift for him.“
“Top product! My 16-year-old son was amazed:) My 13-year-old daughter said that if all their textbooks were like this, there would be no problem.“
“My grandson already has it and it creates a wonderful experience. Even adults are impressed by the spectacle. You can truly only learn from this!“
“My children love it very much and I am especially happy that the time allowed for using gadgets is spent meaningfully! I can't wait for more books to be published!“

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