Book series and magical multimedia

Our aim is to educate in a fun way. AR Books are traditional publications with a free app and unique 3D and 2D augmented reality content. Our books provide a rewarding and enjoyable time together for the whole family.

Our youth publications are recommended for children from 8 years old, and our children's books for children between 3-10 years old. Our series of books teaches the most important aspects of universal knowledge in a compact and easy-to-understand way in a logical sequence. So our books can be a useful addition to everyday school preparation for years to come.

Also known as augmented reality, the multimedia technology is often referred to as AR. Today it is most commonly displayed on smartphones and tablets but there are also special AR glasses for playing content. In case of mobile devices the user's real environment - in this case a book - is displayed through the device's rear camera and the device connects to the book and plays virtual content on its screen.

Currently unlimited number of mobiles can be used for one book. Please note that copying the content of books is not allowed under our legal terms and conditions!

Yes! The books can be used for example, in class group work. In such cases, please provide a sufficient number of books for the number of groups of students. Please note that copying the contents of the books is not allowed, even in a school setting!