3D augmented reality (AR) book
In this publication we demonstrate the complex functions of the human body through the highly visual and increasingly popular visual solution of augmented reality.

The book's content allows you to read, see and hear the most important facts about the human body's structure at the same time. We cover 40 topics about the human body in text, images and videos. Augmented Reality holograms in 3 dimensions illustrate for example, the heartbeat, the functioning of muscles, or the way a bite of food travels through the body. Most modern multimedia will encourage youngsters and adults alike to read and watch the contents of our book.

  1. Shakedown in the Cell
  2. Biological Membranes
  3. Diligent Enzymes
  4. Master Mind
  5. Not Big Deal
  6. Aching Joints
  7. The Tissue Issue
  8. Show Some Flex
  9. Bulging Muscles
  10. Beauty is Skin-deep
  11. You Are What You Eat
  12. Where Does Food Go?
  13. Digest It
  14. What’s Your Poison?
  15. Take a Deep Breath!
  16. Make Yourself Heard
  17. It’s in Your Blood
  18. Are You Positive?
  19. It Beats for You!
  20. Vessel Network
  21. Filters
  22. Cellular Warfare
  23. Raging Hormone
  24. Growth Opportunity
  25. The Love Hormone
  26. Your Neck on the Line
  27. Fight or Flight
  28. All Nerves
  29. Oh, the Nerve!
  30. Headquarters
  31. Good Reflexes
  32. Autonomic Functions
  33. Sympathies for the Sympathetic
  34. Don’t Overthink It!
  35. Sperm Cells in the Fast Lane
  36. Nurturing Uterus
  37. The Receptive Egg
  38. See Miracles
  39. Hear Ye, Hear Ye
  40. Feel That?

ISBN 978-615-81881-3-5

Age recommended: 12+

Language: English

Number of pages: 86 pages

Size: B5

Quality: 4+4 colour printing spiral binding, inside sheet: 120 g offset paper; cover: 255 g GC1 cardboard, B1 and B4 matt coated

Number of AR elements: 40 3D holograms

Usage device: mobile phone or tablet

Operating system: min. Android 7.0 / iOS 13.0 Despite meeting these specifications a small percentage of devices may still not have the app working. It is recommended to test the app before purchasing the book.

Required device storage: 500 MB

Internet connection: internet connection is required to download and update the app and the content of the publication (WiFi connection recommended). Once downloaded the publication content is available offline.

Make sure your device is capable of playing content properly! After downloading and printing the test page at home you can test how the augmented reality elements in the book work. Follow the instructions on the sample page!

From what age is The Human Body book recommended?

We believe that our book is suitable for people aged 12 and over. The texts are professional, easy and the content covers everything from the structure of the cell to an objective description of reproduction.

We cannot set an upper age limit, as experience so far has shown that adults also enjoy reading/viewing our book on the mysteries of the human body. Some people use it for their work while others are simply driven by a desire to learn more.

Free trial!

Experience the feeling of augmented reality and the book before you buy! Download our Human Body test page, print it out and you can enjoy the AR experience on your mobile . https://https://arbookslibrary.co.uk/try_it

The Human Body

  • The Human Body
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