3D augmented reality (AR) book
Learning geometry has never been so exciting! Our book describes and illustrates the basics of plane and spatial geometry with pictures and ultra-modern multimedia.

There is no doubt that the shortest way to understanding geometry is through illustration. We are revolutionizing this with our book and our augmented reality content that can be displayed with our free application.

  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Position report
  3. Angles in Space
  4. Near and Far
  5. Locus in Geometry
  6. Vectors
  7. Planar Transformations
  8. Translation
  9. Reflection
  10. Similarity
  11. The Plane as a Mirror
  12. Rotation about a Point
  13. Rotation in Space
  14. Pythagorean Theorem
  15. Thales' Theorem
  16. Theorems abuot (Tri)Angles
  17. Trigonometry
  18. Laws of Sines and Cosines
  19. Quadrilaterals
  20. Outside & Inside
  21. Polygons
  22. Polyhedra
  23. Prisms
  24. Right & Oblique
  25. On Quadrilateral Bases
  26. From Column to Cube
  27. Pyramids
  28. Truncated Pyramids
  29. Circles
  30. Inside the Circle
  31. Angles in the Circle
  32. Spheres
  33. Is the Earth a Sphere?
  34. (Circular) Cylinders
  35. Cones
  36. Cones of Revolution
  37. Cross Sections of a Cone
  38. "Spun" around
  39. Inscribed Solids
  40. A Solid in a Solid
  41. Solutions
  42. Table of Contents

ISBN 978-615-81881-8-0

Age recommended: 10+

Language: English

Number of pages: 90 pages

Size: B5

Quality: 4+4 colour printing spiral binding, inside sheet: 120 g offset paper; cover: 255 g GC1 cardboard, B1 and B4 matt coated

Number of AR elements: 40 3D holograms

Usage device: mobile phone or tablet

Operating system: min. Android 7.0 / iOS 13.0 Despite meeting these specifications a small percentage of devices may still not have the app working. It is recommended to test the app before purchasing the book.

Required device storage: 200 MB

Internet connection: Internet connection is required to download, run and update the application and play the content of the publication (WiFi connection recommended).

Make sure your device is capable of playing content properly! After downloading and printing the test page at home you can test how the augmented reality elements in the book work. Follow the instructions on the sample page!

How it works?

Each page of the 40-topic publication features a special image, which triggers the corresponding AR video on the screen when scanned with a mobile device camera. 3D holograms are used to show the spatial and plane geometry. These multimedia contents explain geometric concepts and theorems through narration in addition to the visual presentation.

Who is it for?

Geometry has created for those who are learning about it at school or are simply interested in angles, vectors and shapes. The app that comes with the book is easy to use. You can simply download it from the AppStore or Google Play store, then launch and add the content of the publication using the code on the inside cover of the printed book. After that you can start playing augmented reality videos.


  • Geometry