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AR Books LibrARy in the classroom

The use of AR Books LibrARy publications in the classroom provides innovative pedagogical solutions that inspire students.

Our books can be used to bring engaging, experiential elements into the classroom to capture students' attention. The multimedia content of the books can be projected in 3D using a suitable tool.

How to use it?

Find out more about how the classroom system can be used here:

Augmented reality in the classroom

Class quiz for lessons

Access to the content is available at the following levels:

1. Demo access

No registration is required, and some of our content is free to browse or project. Test exercises are launched for one user only.

2. Registered user access

In this case, you can still access the free parts, but you can now launch the Class Quizzes an unlimited number of times, for an unlimited number of students.

3. Full access

To access and use a content in full, visit the classroom system, add the selected content to your shopping cart and complete the purchase process.

AR books in school
AR book in action