3D augmented reality (AR) book
Cunning strategies, fatal battles, brilliant leaders. Discover the ancient game of chess that has long captivated the world with our book and 3D holograms.

How do we start the party? How long does a game last? What openings and tricks can we choose from? How does the chosen strategy help or hinder the outcome? Full of exciting questions from the world of chess, including 40 topics, illustrated with spectacular multimedia content.

  1. What is chess?
  2. Where does the fight take place?
  3. Special squares
  4. What does a set consist of?
  5. Value of piecesl
  6. Movement of pieces
  7. Special moves
  8. Hit them high, hit them low!
  9. Checkmate the king!
  10. Checkmate patterns
  11. Winning, drawing or losing?
  12. Recording the moves
  13. When is it over?
  14. Phases of the game
  15. Let the game begin!
  16. Mistakes in the opening
  17. Types of openings
  18. Open games
  19. Semi-open games
  20. Closed games
  21. Gambits
  22. Queen’s Gambit
  23. Sicilian Defence
  24. King’s Indian Defence
  25. Middlegame strategies
  26. Attacking the castled king
  27. Emperor of endgame
  28. Pawn types
  29. Pawn endgames
  30. Rook endgames
  31. Pin
  32. Double attack
  33. Zwischenzug
  34. Skewer
  35. Smothering
  36. Discovered attacks
  37. Entrapping
  38. Sacrifice
  39. Special forms of chess
  40. Future of chess

ISBN 978-615-6501-06-6

Age recommended: 8+

Language: English

Number of pages: 86 pages

Size: B5

Quality: 4+4 colour printing spiral binding, inside sheet: 120 g offset paper; cover: 255 g GC1 cardboard, B1 and B4 matt coated

Number of AR elements: 40 3D holograms

Usage device: mobile phone or tablet

Operating system: min. Android 7.0 / iOS 13.0 Despite meeting these specifications a small percentage of devices may still not have the app working. It is recommended to test the app before purchasing the book.

Required device storage: 500 MB

Internet connection: internet connection is required to download and update the app and the content of the publication (WiFi connection recommended). Once downloaded the publication content is available offline.

Make sure your device is capable of playing content properly! After downloading and printing the test page at home you can test how the augmented reality elements in the book work. Follow the instructions on the sample page!

Which age group is it recommended for?

There is no age limit to the love of chess. It helps develop logic and strategic thinking from an early age and it's never too late to start. Through our publication, we provide a comprehensive overview of what you need to know about chess at a basic level. The book's concise descriptions, illustrations and 3D augmented reality videos help you to do this. All you need to play them is the book and a mobile device with the free AR Books LibrARy app.

The future of chess

In this publication, we bring the latest thinking to the internationally popular sport of chess. We introduce the chess board, the pieces, the rules and talk about the future of chess, with man-made machines playing a major role.

The Magical World of Chess

  • The Magical World of Chess