3D augmented reality (AR) book
Our book presents the methods and equipment for measuring physical quantities, complemented by the unique visuals of augmented reality.

The experiential world of the publication helps to acquire and deepen new knowledge in an easy style. In our virtual lab, we show how various physical quantities are measured, what tools we can use for these, and what each unit of measurement means. Mass, volume, gas flow rate, or tensile strength. These are some of the most common physical measurement topics that we have collected in our book.

  1. Are You Very Big?
  2. Let’s Measure It
  3. Move Your Body!
  4. Mass on the Balance
  5. Unstoppable Time
  6. Let’s Count the Time
  7. Space in Space
  8. How High Does Water Reach?
  9. Why Do Boats Float?
  10. Sitting in a Swing
  11. From Slow to Fast
  12. Dynamism
  13. Shedding Light on Light
  14. Being Loud
  15. An Unexpected Turn of Events?
  16. The Power of the Force
  17. Heat is Heat
  18. Thermal Contraction & Expansion
  19. Under Pressure
  20. Manometers
  21. Stretch Your Legs!
  22. Up and Down
  23. The Turning Effect
  24. Go with the Flow!
  25. Airflow
  26. Flow on the Scale
  27. How Strong is the Current?
  28. Beware of High Voltage
  29. Limits and Regulates
  30. Do You Have the Capacity?
  31. Self-Induction Factor
  32. How Powerful is It?
  33. Near Magnets
  34. Let’s Measure Work
  35. Alternating Voltage
  36. Just Hard!
  37. Pull Harder!
  38. What’s in the Radiator?
  39. Acidic or Alkaline?
  40. Radiantly

ISBN 978-615-6501-02-8

Age recommended: 12+

Language: English

Number of pages: 86 pages

Size: B5

Quality: 4+4 colour printing spiral binding, inside sheet: 120 g offset paper; cover: 255 g GC1 cardboard, B1 and B4 matt coated

Number of AR elements: 40 3D holograms

Usage device: mobile phone or tablet

Operating system: min. Android 7.0 / iOS 13.0 Despite meeting these specifications a small percentage of devices may still not have the app working. It is recommended to test the app before purchasing the book.

Required device storage: 500 MB

Internet connection: internet connection is required to download and update the app and the content of the publication (WiFi connection recommended). Once downloaded the publication content is available offline.

Make sure your device is capable of playing content properly! After downloading and printing the test page at home you can test how the augmented reality elements in the book work. Follow the instructions on the sample page!

Who is the publication recommended for?

Our book is primarily aimed at people interested in technical/specialist subjects. It presents the construction, operation and use of 40 pieces of equipment for measuring physical quantities. The book describes one instrument per page pair, illustrated with expert descriptions and diagrams, and illustrated with the unique experience of augmented reality technology. The publication is useful for the acquisition of basic knowledge in technical training and for visual demonstrations for teaching.

Physical Quantities

  • Physical Quantities