AR Application and contents Terms of service

AR Application and contents Terms of Service

(hereinafter: TOS)

General Information

  1. The sole owner of the AR Books LibrARy application (hereinafter: App) is:
    Multilearn Kft. (hereinafter: Publisher)
    1188 Budapest, Lőrinci út 6/b, Hungary 
    Tax number: 423 9734 82
    EORI GB423973482000
    Email address:
  1. These terms of use can be changed by the publisher at a later date. Date of issue of this TOS: November 16, 2020

Purpose and use of the app

  1. After installation various AR elements are displayed in the App using the camera and the device display to start and play them.
  2. Downloading and installing the App by the user (hereinafter User) via the Apple App Store and Google Play App Store is free. The User can install the App on multiple devices.
  3. There are costs when purchasing publications. Printed or on-screen content for testing the device or viewing promotional content is usually free.
  4. User must allow camera access to the App to work. The sole purpose of using the device camera is to detect specific visual elements that trigger the playback of AR elements. The App does not search, draw, process or transmit any other image content.
  5. The use of the App and the AR publications is not age-dependent but is recommended from the age of 6, unless otherwise stated in a particular publication. In this case the values ​​given there apply.
  6. Options for viewing AR content
    1. The "AR camera" function of the App is used to view test or promotional AR content. This function can be used without registration. Test content can be used to verify the compatibility of the device with the AR technology while advertising content can be used for traditional marketing purposes.
    2. The specific way the App works is to display AR content of the purchased printed books. This requires free user registration and the code given in the publication.
  7. Paid AR publications can be used after registration for which a working email address is required. After entering registration details in in the App (e-mail address and password) the a confirmation email will be sent to the User in which the User have to click on the link to finalize the registration. After opening the link the User will find information on the website about the completed registration. The App can only be accessed after this process has been successfully completed.
  8. During use the App generates regular network traffic for several reasons. It is the responsibility of the User to ensure the Internet connection.
  9. A permanent internet connection is required in the following cases:
    1. During the user registration process.
    2. While viewing AR content by the "AR camera".
    3. To download and periodically update the content saved in the App.
    4. To display certain (usually 2D) AR content.
  10. Permanent internet connection  is not needed to play downloaded content in its current state.
  11. Publisher guarantees 99% uptime for the availability and operation of the Application and AR Content.
  12. Additional information and product support for the App and AR content are provided by the Publisher at

Legal terms

  1. The general terms and conditions and other legal information on the use of the App are contained in this TOS and the Privacy Policy. The User's consent is a basic requirement for using the App. The App cannot be used without consent.
  2. Publisher regards the principles of Hungarian law as authoritative for the use of the App, the TOS and the Privacy Policy. By using the App the User agrees that the Hungarian authorities and courts have the right to resolve legal disputes.
  3. Publisher undertakes to ensure the usability of the App and the technology used and thus the usability of the AR elements at least until December 31, 2025. This period can be extended several times after ongoing reviews.
  4. Publisher is not liable for any operational problems of the app Stores or the circumstances arising in the operating systems of the User's device.

Intellectual property terms

  1. The owner of the App and all other registered or unregistered trademarks, copyrights and products (hereinafter: Intellectual property) is the Publisher or the third parties who duly make the rights available to the Publisher (hereinafter: Third parties)
  2. It is expressly forbidden to use Intellectual property at public events, educational institutions or for commercial purposes without the Publisher's permission.
  3. Users are entitled to use the App, the AR content available through it and the associated publications in good faith and only with the greatest possible respect for the rights and conditions of Intellectual property. Violation of these rights at any level is therefore prohibited under threat of criminal liability and liability for damages .
  4. In all respects, the followings are expressly prohibited without permission or authorization from the Publisher:  to use other than in good faith: to copy, modify (in whole or in part) the Intellectual property by any technology or method, and the visual or video recording of Intellectual products,  (whether or not incorporated in a device). In the event of such violations the Publisher will initiate criminal and pecuniary damage proceedings against the perpetrators of the violating use. These proceedings can also be initiated by Third parties associated with the Publisher if they determine that their own legitimate interests have been violated.