2D Augmented Reality (AR) book
Experiential learning with the new generation of physics books. Our augmented reality book series makes learning fun with animated wonderland.

The book and the mobile app guides you together through 40 physics topics. What do we know about motion? What is angular momentum? What does friction mean? How do the lever, the wave wheel, and the mirror work? All exciting questions from everyday life – presented in an unconventional way and with spectacular animations!

  1. Uniform & Rectilinear
  2. Acceleration/Deceleration
  3. Drop the Ball
  4. The Big Shot
  5. Round and Round
  6. Swirl and Spin
  7. Good Vibes
  8. Static and Kinetic
  9. Resistance of Media
  10. Make Lifting Easier
  11. A Pulley that Won’t Bully
  12. Up the Slope
  13. Let's Collide
  14. Riding Waves
  15. Refraction/Reflection
  16. Standing Waves
  17. Mind the Gap!
  18. Polarisation
  19. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…
  20. In the Concave Mirror
  21. Let's Refract the Light
  22. Collecting Light
  23. Diverging Lenses
  24. Distant Examinations
  25. The Electric Field
  26. Work and Voltage
  27. Storage for the Charges
  28. Charges in Motion
  29. Electrolysis
  30. Current in Gas
  31. Circuit Made Simple
  32. Obstacle for the Current
  33. With Several Loads
  34. Short-circuit vs Open-circuit
  35. The Conductor as a Magnet
  36. Between the Ends
  37. Standing Still
  38. Current Back and Forth
  39. Three in Series
  40. Pass on the Energy

ISBN 978-615-81881-9-7

Age recommended: 12+

Language: English

Number of pages: 86 pages

Size: B5

Quality: 4+4 colour printing spiral binding, inside sheet: 120 g offset paper; cover: 255 g GC1 cardboard, B1 and B4 matt coated

Number of AR elements: 40 2D holograms

Usage device: mobile phone or tablet

Operating system: min. Android 7.0 / iOS 13.0 Despite meeting these specifications a small percentage of devices may still not have the app working. It is recommended to test the app before purchasing the book.

Required device storage: 500 MB

Internet connection: An internet connection is required to download, update and play the content of the app and publication (WiFi connection recommended).

Make sure your device is capable of playing content properly! After downloading and printing the test page at home you can test how the augmented reality elements in the book work. Follow the instructions on the sample page!

Get to know the phenomena of physics!

Learning about and experiencing physics is important for everyone, both in school and in everyday life. The pages of this book use easy-to-understand text and diagrams to explain the basic phenomena and calculations of physics. All topics are complemented by spectacular augmented reality content, which makes learning physics a magical experience.

To whom do we recommend "Physical Phenomena"?

We recommend the book primarily for everyday school preparation for children aged 12 and over, or as a teaching aid for teachers. The book covers the primary and secondary level knowledge of physics that students will encounter over the years. The book can therefore be used over a long period of time to consolidate or refresh knowledge.

Physical Phenomena

  • Physical Phenomena