Children's books

AR Books is a unique combination of traditional books and modern technology with 2D and 3D animations that can be launched on a mobile device.

The alliance of mobile and children's books

Here's our amazing new generation children's book series! Augmented reality elements are a great way to visualise what is being read and help children to better understand phenomena seen in front of them.

AR Books children's books inspire exciting new discoveries for all generations!

AR Books LibrARy's development team has recognised the great educational potential of children turning into digital content consumers. Once they have a smart device in their hands let's use it wisely - and impart valuable knowledge! Digital tools can be applied for learning in a great way. All we have to do is teach children how to make the most of it. Quality content in children's books with augmented reality technology enrich the range of high-quality educational offerings.

At what age do we recommend it?

Our publications are designed to appeal to all ages. Our children's books are recommended for ages 4 and up, but feedback from our customers suggests that younger children and pre-schoolers are also fans. What's more! We are delighted that many of our customers have reported that they are enjoying the text and video content of the children's books as adults and have learned many new skills.

Children's books for the family bookshelf

The first two in our series of books for younger children are about pets and forest animals. The AR children's books have been carefully crafted with care and attention to detail, and you can see it in the end result. The text and visuals of both the book and the animations are of a high standard. The ideal amount of text, the rich imagery and the interesting facts about the animal world will fascinate children as well as the older members of the family - providing a fun time for the whole family.

The children's books include the AR Books LibrARy app, which is quick and easy to use. Even a toddler can easily start up the delightful educational animations while independently turning the pages.

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