Books for teens

Introducing a futuristic series of youth books where the tradition of reading meets the experience of mobile apps in a way that is fascinating for today's youth.

What is the magic of youth AR books?

Youth AR books are designed with the needs of teenagers. We believe that it's a waste to fight against the rise of technology but rather to teach youngsters how to benefit from them. The content on the pages of our youth books is designed in this spirit. To view the additional multimedia you need to install the AR Books LibraARy app on your mobile device. The 2 and 3D videos can then be viewed on the device display.

These youth books support progress in school and provide super-relaxation for their users.The easy texts and illustrations of the youth books are coloured with three-dimensional and two-dimensional augmented reality elements that can be played on a smartphone or tablet. This way youngsters don't have to choose between learning and using mobile, learning new material becomes fun and fresh knowledge is easier to retain.

Tradition and innovation

We are using the potential of augmented reality to deliver knowledge in a way that is accessible and lasting. We combine the benefits of reading printed materials with the advantages of viewing high-tech holograms and animations. Experience so far has shown our methodology to be very likeable and effective. The positive reception of the youth books by children and parents has exceeded our expectations.

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